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Hypnotherapy NLP

Hypnotherapy and NLP

Health Coaching

Health coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Breakthrough Sessions

It’s a sad fact that most executives are unhappy with their performance, always wondering how much more successful they could be if it wasn’t for their shortcomings.

Many suffer from imposter syndrome where you wonder ‘how did I get here?’, ‘I’m not good enough for this job’ and then ‘how do I keep this job?’. When you should be thinking is how do I progress further.

Is your thinking holding you back?



Gut Health

Digestive disorders can ruin people’s lives. Diseases like IBS, Crohn’s Disease, colitis, diverticulitis, fibromyalgia and migraine all have links to gut health.

A gut reset programme can have a dramatic effect on these conditions and frequently clears them up complete.

Relief from Digestive Issues

We can offer help with a range of gut health issues.

Relief from Arthritis

We’re excited to be able to help people with severe arthritis.

Circulatory Issues

We can help people with issues resulting from poor circulation.

DNA Testing

We don’t come with a user handbook but by analysing your DNA we can produce the next best thing. A near 200 page report all about you.

What foods you should eat.
What foods to avoid?
How you deal with toxicity and how to improve it.
The type of exercise that suits you.
Should you drink coffee?
How you deal with alcohol.
Do you need food supplements?
How you respond to injuries

And a whole lot more.

Skin and Complexion Issues

Skin issues like psoriasis and eczema have a similar root cause and we can help with both of those conditions. 

Skin tags are a visibly different problem with a different cause and we can help with that too.


Relationship Counselling.

If your relationship is going through a hard time, involving a compassionate third party can help resolve the differences. It’s a no blame process that can have a striking effect in a short time.

Sexual Dysfunction

An expression that covers a wide range of male and female issues. Whether you’re a couple or a single, a free initial consultation may set you on the road for a full, normal sex life.


An addiction has numerous triggered. We can work with you to identify the root cause and address it.

Sustainable Weight Programme

Achieving the ideal weight and keeping it is not simply a matter of sticking to the right diet. There are very often subconscious issues at play and they can be complex issues.

Hypnotherapy and a personal diet programme can get you started and then regular follow ups will ensure you stay on track and healthy.


Sleep Problems

Not being able to get to sleep or not being able to stay asleep are very common problems these days. This is a complex problem with a range of causes ranging from stress, bad habits, hormone imbalances and much more.

We get to the root cause and help you resolve it.

Menopausal Issues